Katika Explained


As time goes by, Cameroon is consistently regressing by almost all indicators: Education, Health, Economy, Social cohesion... Hopefully, there is a consensus among Cameroonians that we do have the competences required for the challenge but "poor governance" is standing our way.

We have hoped for many years that the same system that has got us where we are would self-heal. Unfortunately the situation is getting worst and we, citizen, have got to stand up and build a safety net that will keep our Country together. Our country needs us more than ever.

Our country needs each and everyone us that can contribute in any ways positive way as possible. You're welcome to contribute to this project or other projects that will help our nation.

You're welcome to start your other projects that will enable more citizens to stand up and contribute to our common cause


Most Cameroonians agree "poor governance" and corruption are a direct cause to our country mediocre performance. How does a mediocre system make progress if it can't evaluate itself?

We keep making laws and taking decisions without tangible data to support them. Spreadsheets full of numbers and obscure financial jargon don't help educate and mobilize citizens. One of Katika major goals is therefore to show statistics and numbers in easily digestible formats - Infographics. Besides, Katika will start dedicated projects and deep-dive in specific topics of interest. Why is that a country as rich as Cameroon suffers from poverty and the vast majory of the population lacks water, light and ..?


In Cameroon, Katika is usually someone who keeps the money in a gaming institution. It could have a pejorative connotation but a "Katika" often represents a moral figure that keeps things checked. Our intent is top help in making sure we know where every penny of our taxpayer is actually used for.

Last but not least, our logo comes from Bamun scripts "Ka", "Ti", "Ka". We might not know exactly what they mean (yet) but we sure wanted to get some inspiration from our own roots.