Covid-19 in Cameroon

Mask Producers, Initiaves, Fund Raising Campaigns

Attempt to aggregate uncoordinated and scattered efforts

Incident Visualization

Keeping track of recurring incidents

We want to answer questions such as "how many were injured in road accidents last month?"

Or "what are the fire incidents during the current year"

Kamerun History

Interactive history Project

Go back and forth throughout our history

Blog and Infographics

Distilled data through succinct visualization

We want to make our point through visually appealing infographics and less boring and lengthy text

Kamerun Thesis Database

Taking our academic achievements seriously

As we got an increase of universities and scholars, it's imperative to nurture and reuse the hard work

Eseka Catastrophe (Upcoming)

We cannot keep waiting for official reports

This upcoming project will collect and display data from various sources in order to shed light

on one of the most devastating catastrophes of Kamerun's history